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The Candiotto family established its business in metal manufacturing in 2005 in Villa del Conte in the Padua province. In the beginning the Company offered only laser cutting. After a successful growth in the business along with an expansion of our knowledge in the field and the increasing market demand for more types of metal processing, we introduced light metal working.

The artesan plant became a structured production unit and Company and achieved an important growth in a short period of time. Thanks to these successful years, Laserpoint moved to a new and larger production plant where it started to introduce modern and state of the art equipment to the production process.

This constant evolution permitted Laserpoint to be competitive in the market, able to offer the best solutions for the customer.
Main Company values are: innovation, honesty, professionalism, expertise, commitment and passion.

Today the Company is managed by the second generation of Candiotto’s , maintaining the same passion and commitment. Thanks to the entrepreneurial family spirit we were able to transform our artisanal activity into a structured manufacturing plant.

Technical department

Laserpont offers its customers access to the technical department that can create projects and designs in a short amount of time.
We start from the 3D layout, make a prototype and lastly, find the best solution for the customer.
Throughout the process we always take care of quality and details both of the material and the manufacturing process that must result in a high quality product.

Warehouse and stock material

Keeping a well Assorted stock of metal sheets, Laserpoint can satisfy the most particular orders within 10 days.
Upon request, Laserpoint can supply full metal sheets including harmonic steel straps, copper and brass.

Quality and precision

Laserpoint S.r.l. continuously upgrades its production technologies and follows a very strict and severe quality control.


Laserpoint S.r.l. has modern high tech machineries to guarantee the highest processing efficiency.

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