technology advances

Laserpoint is specialized in laser cutting and transformation of sheet metal (cutting, bending, mechanical parts, welding, painting and assembly).

Technology and services

Laserpoint S.r.l. continuously upgrades its production technologies and follows a very strict and severe quality control.


Laserpoint S.r.l. has modern high tech machinery that guarantees the highest processing efficiency.

Materials stock and warehouse

Laserpoint’s strong point is its wide range of metal materials available, including particular ones like harmonic steel, titanium, copper and brass as well as those always available in stock such as aluminum, aisi, galvanized and iron.


Laserpoint is proud to announce that we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures we meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.

Full service and products

Laserpoint S.r.l. can offer a comprehensive product including painting, galvanizing, milling, turning and assembling.

Contact us

Do you need technical support?

Laserpoint S.rl. has a specialized technical department able to find solutions for customer needs.
We follow each project in all its details realizing 3D simulations and prototypes:

You can call our switchboard anytime 049 5744327 We will put you in contact with an expert technician for all your questions and needs.

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